domenica 7 settembre 2014

Gold chains

Hat, jacket h&m - Top Fig&viper - Skirt Tally Weijil - Harness Ebay - Tights Sammydress - Boots Jeffrey Campbell

I recently bought this cool and kitch jacket I had to wear it soon, I'm always really happy to find cool pieces in local stores, sometimes it's really frustating when you go everywhere and find only boring and cheap looking clothes! I'm totally addicted with black coords with gold details for this autumn, I hope I can wear more my lovely coco litas (and of course this top from fig&viper is total love, I wish they'll release it again in other colors!).

lunedì 1 settembre 2014

Hvis lyset tar oss

T-shirt borrowed - Cardigan Rosewholesale - Hat h&m - Socks Taobao - Shoes Jeffrey Campbell

Yesterday I went out with my friends in the beautiful Atri, I hadn't much time to dress up 'cause I spent half of my day studying and the rest trying to retouch my roots so I decided a really easy and comfy look with a t-shirt I borrowed from my boyfriend. I listen to Buruzum a lot years ago and I didn't find any cool t-shirt in the past so I was happy to wear this one even if it's like two times my size ahah. The tights are new but I don't really like them on me, I don't know why they make my legs look fat XD I'll give them another chance when I can!